Actual & Aspiring Authors

What publishing options are available to me at The Fearless Storyteller House Emporium (FSHE) Ltd? The publishing option at FSHE is a “hybrid” type, in which the author pays a percentage of the full fee for the production and promotion of their book, and FSHE pays the rest.

At FSHE, we focus more on building creative careers than just selling books, and publishing certain books in a certain way is just one of the ways we build author careers.

Does FSHE offer a self-publishing option? No, we don’t.

Do I need a literary agent to be published by FSHE? No, you don’t.

How long does your publishing process take? We aim to release a title within six months of receiving a complete first manuscript draft.

Will I win awards if I become an FSHE author? It is unethical for a publisher to promise any author, award nominations or wins. Unless one has a crystal ball or fortune-telling abilities, intends to buy an award or rig a process (all of which FSHE does not engage in or encourage) – it is impossible for a publisher to predict award hopes, especially for a book that hasn’t been published.

Will I become rich and famous if FSHE publishes my book(s)? While FSHE takes the time and effort to create your book and work with you to market it, we have no way of knowing if or when fame and fortune will happen; nobody does. But one of the ways that FSHE is different from others is in our marketing plan, which is designed to find and fine-tune an author’s voice.

If I publish with you, how much will the marketing plan cost? The marketing plan is part of all our publishing packages at FSHE.

What publishing packages does FSHE have and how much do they cost?
Please, click here for more information. You can also find out more about the kinds of books FSHE publishes, so you’ll know if we’re a good fit.

What if I am struggling with writer’s block, procrastinating, staying focused and motivated, and completing my manuscript? In that case, click HERE