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fearless five by four boxed set

The Fearless Storyteller House Emporium Ltd publishes

  • Mystery (Cozy, Hard boiled, International, Police Procedural)
  • Women’s Fiction
  • Young Adult Fiction (Adventure, Romance)
  • New Adult Fiction, and
  • Non-fiction (Autobiographies, Cookery, Lifestyle, Business, Inspirational, Film). 

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podcast production services

Are you an aspiring radio presenter?

Do you believe you or your law firm have a strong and consistent message? But you’re not sure how to get to an audience you just know is out there…

Have you worked in radio before and though you were passionate about it, you’re not quite sure how to get back in?

Or you still work in radio but you’re doing so in conditions that are making you sick, tired and terrified to go to work – and that’s even before the coronavirus happened?

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Are you

  • eager to acquire soft skills training that can turn you into a legal luminary?
  • desperate to be known as a creative (writer, actor, dancer, on-air personality) but you know you need training? 
  • a law firm losing clients and profit because of your staff’s behaviour? 

We design training solutions that help Creatives and Legal Professionals gain knowledge and skills to increase their productivity and profit.

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